What is Black Friday
Black Friday is a large-scale shopping event with great discounts. Many people will buy Christmas gifts in advance on Black Friday to ensure they can get what they need for Christmas.

When is Black Friday 2021
Black Friday 2021 is the day after Thanksgiving, which is November 26.

When will the homelights start Black Friday 2021
Black Friday 2021 for homelights is from November 8 to November 27.

What you can get in Black Friday 2021
Enjoy the best discounts on Black Friday ( 15% off all products )
Receive the purchased product in advance
Shorten receiving time
Buy Christmas gifts

How to get Black Friday 2021 discount from homelights
The homelights Black Friday discount code is: BLACK15 .
You can find more information on the homelights homepage .

Homelights' best Black Friday deals

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During Black Friday 2021, homelights will provide you with more high-quality and cheap products. If you have any questions, please contact us by email.