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Recently, some new products have been placed on the home website. These products have been carefully selected. We present you the best quality products. These new products can be used for both outdoor and indoor use, they can bring a lively and romantic atmosphere to your home during the holidays, and can also create a warm environment for you on weekdays. These beautiful lights are still enjoying black friday deals.

New Product Introduction

Bamboo Shoots Ore Battery LED Table Lamp

This new product has a very special appearance.From a distance, it looks like a bamboo shoot just comes out of the ground, give people a sense of life, but if you look closely, you will see that the details seem to be caused by Pieces of ice are like a small iceberg.

Turning on the light can give a more beautiful look. The warm yellow light is emitted from the translucent decoration, and the whole lighting is very different. This is a product that is both decorative and practical. By taking advantage of the end of Black Friday 2021, it is a very good choice to enjoy black friday deals.

Ore Battery Small Table Lamp

This Ore Battery Small Table Lamp is very cute and lifelike. When you put it on a flower bed as lighting, it is difficult for people to see whether it is a real stone or an ornament. This is a very suitable product for both indoor and outdoor use. The most special thing is that Ore Battery Small Table Lamp will have many small lines, making it look more natural and unique.

This is a wireless product, and it is portable, you can place it in any corner of the house, with three light effect colors to choose from. Different lighting effects are matched to each other to present different visual effects. Take advantage of the end of black friday netherlands and use black friday deals to add an inn to your home.

Vintage luxury copper table lamp

If you like retro, you will love this Vintage Luxury Copper Table Lamp. The umbrella-like lampshade and well-designed patterns, combined with metal material, fully reflect the retro feeling. The beautiful Vintage Luxury Copper Table Lamp is suitable for placing in the living room and room, whether the lamp is on or not, it looks like a beautiful work of art. Black friday sales are still going on, enjoy black friday deals and buy now is the best price!

Solar outdoor garden ground lamp

Solar outdoor garden floor lamp is an environmentally friendly and beautiful garden floor lamp. The biggest advantage is that it is waterproof and does not consume any power! Rely on sunlight to convert electricity. The appearance of the Solar outdoor garden ground lamp is like a block of ice with some fine lines. You can place it in an outdoor garden and give your garden some relief along the way. When you throw a party outside, Solar outdoor garden ground lamp can also create a warm atmosphere for you.

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black friday deals—hot products

vertigo pendant lamp

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Vertigo pendant lamp replica can be considered an example of elegance and nobility. It is like an elegant straw hat for ladies. It is made of light material and hangs in the house, which can impress your guests.

Heracleum chandelier

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When the heracleum chandelier replica is on, it seems that many fireflies are flying and staying on the branches, beautiful and shocking. Heracleum chandelier replica is a decorative and practical lighting.

Kartell Bourgie Table Lamp

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Kartell Bourgie table lamp replica is the embodiment of the combination of Baroque style and Italian style, a harmonious clash of traditional classics and modern innovation. Kartell Bourgie table lamp replica is composed of a striped lampshade and a beautiful table lamp base, which is like an elegant work of art and creates a rich romantic atmosphere.

Serge Mouille wall lamp

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Serge Mouille wall lamp replica is the representative lighting of industrial style lighting. The black appearance, plus a lampshade that can provide concentrated lighting, and an adjustable light source angle, show you the charm of serge mouille wall lamp replica .

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