When purchasing home lighting, the choice of living room table lamps is especially important. Besides whether the appearance design can match the interior decoration, the most important thing is whether the function of the table lamp can really meet the lighting needs. The best table lamp in the living room can make your guests feel more intuitive, warmer, more comfortable and cozy.

How to choose a living room table lamp

How do you buy a suitable desk lamp? It is mainly considered from the aspects of color temperature, illumination range, illuminance, strobe and blue light. Whether a living room table lamp , room table lamp , study table lamp or table lamp purchase, the starting point is to choose the right table lamp. It can not only meet the lighting needs, but also play a decorative role.

1. Color Temperature

The color temperature range of cold light is above 5000k, the light source is close to natural light, it feels bright, and it is suitable for high illuminance places. The neutral light color temperature range is around 3000-5000, the light is soft and pleasant to the touch. It is suitable for offices, shopping malls and other work and commercial places. The warm light color temperature range is below 3000, with a warm feeling, suitable for living areas such as living rooms and bedrooms. For the living room it is better to choose warm light, which can create a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

2. Lighting range

Tall, round, cute and retro… the shape of the lamp directly influences the light effect. The round table lamp is more focused, but it also means that the lighting range is narrow and generally only illuminates the location near the lampshade. Raising the base can increase the lighting range. The long table lamp can illuminate longer surfaces at the same height on both sides. The arc-shaped table lamp has wider coverage under the same length and height.

3. Lighting

In addition to table lamps, living room lamps also include chandeliers, wall lamps, floor lamps and ceiling lamps and other types of lamps. Uneven light will aggravate eye strain. Therefore, the warm and even light emitted by the desk lamp is also an important factor in the choice of desk lamp.

4. Strobe

Strobe is harmful to the eyes, including eye strain, impaired vision and even headaches, so when reading a book, you should pay attention to this parameter when buying a lamp. Of course, no stroboscopic is actually impossible in an absolute sense, and the stroboscopic requirement for qualified products is 3125Hz.

5. Blu-ray

Long-term irradiation of high-intensity blue light, in simple terms, is that when the amount is excessive, it will cause greater damage to the fundus cells and cause abnormal sleep. Pay attention to a long time. So generally qualified desk lamps can be used with confidence.

The best recommendation for table lamps in the living room

Flowerpot VP3 Table Lamp

Flowerpot VP3 table lamp is a colorful and playful lighting fixture that provides warm and comfortable light, which can add vitality to any minimalist decoration. The upper hemisphere of flowerpot VP3 table lamp is twice the size of the lower hemisphere, creating a perfect balance structure, and each color can create a unique atmosphere in your space.

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Kartell Bourgie Table Lamp

Kartell Bourgie table lamp is a classic representative of the Baroque style. The transparent striped lampshade and the beautiful design of the base can add style to any room. The subtle shadows of kartell bourgie table lamp create an atmosphere with beautiful light reflections.

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Atollo table lamp

Atollo table lamp uses smooth lines, its shape is like a mushroom and gives a noble and elegant feeling. Atollo table lamp is available in three sizes and four colours, which are easy to integrate into different interior styles.

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Taccia table lamp

Taccia table lamp creates the illusion that the lampshade is upside down. The design of the lampshade of Taccia table lamp is clear white on the inside and matt white on the outside. The diffuser is made of transparent blown glass, which can change direction and achieve directional lighting easily.

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Vintage luxury copper table lamp

Vintage luxury brass table lamp has two designs to choose from, each of which is a beautiful work of art. Pure cut brass base, sand rolling process, thick and textured. When you put the vintage luxury copper table lamp on the table in the living room, it will make your guests shine.

Cesta table lamp

Cesta table lamp is easy to pick up and carry and is very suitable for placing on the table and floor. The opal glass lampshade is supported by a beautiful cherry wood structure, which is very design.

The best table lamp can not only meet your lighting needs, but also beautify the space and make you happy. You can learn more about lamp information on the “ Table lamp page” of the homelights online website.