Lampe Gras was designed by designer Bernard-Albin Gras. This type of lamp was originally used in an office or industrial setting and later gradually became a type of tumbler lamp that became more and more popular in home and commercial space. Gras lamps has floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, chandeliers and other shapes and the color range is also very diverse. Grass lamper on the HOME website is available in different colors and sizes, which can perfectly meet all your needs.


Bernard-Albin Gras

Bernard-Albin Gras (1886-1943) was a French designer who started his career as an engineer. Gras is one of the leading figures in modern European design. His most famous work is undoubtedly the Lampe Gra s series of lamps, which had a major impact on 20th century functional design.


Lampe Gras 304 wall lamp

Lampe Gras 304 is a multifunctional lamp that can be attached to the ceiling or wall. Equipped with adjustable arms and round lampshades, Lampe Gras 304 replica is part of the iconic Lampe Gras series designed by Bernard-Albin Gras and relaunched by DCW Editions. Lampe Gras Wall replica is very suitable to use as a small room lamp, which can be installed on your bedside, hallway or in front of a mirror.


Lampe Gras 222 wall lamp

The Lampe Gras 222 wall lamp is a member of the iconic Lampe Gras series. Lampe Gras 222 replica is made of sturdy and stylish steel. The lamp holder of Lampe Gras is an adjustable lamp arm and a round lampshade. The round lampshade makes lampe Gras wall light very concentrated. The light can give you a very concentrated lighting. Lampe Gras wall lamp replica can be installed individually or in combination. however you use it, you can get good results.


Lampe Gras 210 wall lamp

Lampe Gras has a wide range of color options and size options. The design of Lampe Gras is very simple. Lampe Gras does not have an overly beautiful appearance. Lampa Gras is only made from simple lamp holders and lampshades. The outer color is also dominated by a single color.
If you don't have a multifunctional lamp at home, or if you want to buy a multifunctional lamp, you might as well take a look at this Lampe Gras. Lampe Gras 210 replica is very suitable to install on your bed and to use as a bedside lamp. When you are reading a book in bed or playing with your mobile phone, Gras lamp vintage can give you just the right amount of light and create a comfortable resting environment for you.


Lampe Gras 214 wall lamp

For the lamps used at home, the most important conditions are two: lighting and appearance design. This lampe de Gras has two core elements as a lamp.
The unique thing about lampe Gras 214 replica is that the lamp arm moves up and down and the connections of the lampshade can be adjusted to different light angles, which can be adjusted to individual needs, without having to worry about twisting the lampshade. the wires inside. Lampe Gras kopia is not only very practical, but its simple appearance integrates well with all furniture.


Lampe Gras 302 Ceiling Lamp

The Lampe Gras series is originally a lamp suitable for office and industrial environments. Lampe Gras stands out for its simple, robust and very ergonomic design. There are no screws or welds in the basic form. Later, due to its practical performance, it was expanded for use in everyday life.
The hallmark of Lampe Gras lies in the detailed design of the lamp arm, lamp post, bracket and base, which fully reflect these characteristics of simplicity, practicality and multifunctionality. If you want to add flexible light to your indoor or outdoor space, Gras light should be a good choice.


Lampe Gras 304 L wall lamp

Lampe Gras is a very versatile lamp. Lampe gras kopi can not only play a role in the interior, but also come in handy on other occasions. A lampe Gras 304 L, the arm hinges of the lamp can be adjusted, allowing you to get multiple angles of light sources. If you are preparing for an exhibition, the concentrated light of lampe Gras 304 replica will make people focus on your beautiful exhibitions.


The above is the introduction of some dimensions of lampe Gras replica. There are more sizes and more colors of lampe Gras light that you can choose from on the detail page of the HOME website. HOME will certainly supply you with products that you are satisfied with.