Multi-lite pendant light was first drawn in 1972, and the design using multiple elements reflects designer Louis Weisdorf's passion for diversity. Designer Louis Weisdorf has always been interested in how to protect the eyes from direct light from any angle.


Gubi multi lite pendulum has a rotating outer lampshade, surrounded by a metal ring on the outermost surface, and two cylindrical shapes form the main body of the lamp, which ultimately constitutes such an iconic design with multiple uses.


Multi-Lite Hanging Lamp Blue

Artificial adjustability and variability of light make multi lite replica like a Rubik's Cube in space, which can adjust light from different angles, making it a “versatile light source” that cannot be ignored in space.


The use of gubi multi lite replica as the main color is very special. Not only the appearance is special, but the color also catches the eye more. You can choose to place it in the lobby or bathroom with the same color furniture. furniture in the same color complement each other.


Multi-Lite Pendant Lamp Copper

Copper colored multi-lite pendant fra gubi is very dazzling and luxurious. The special design allows the gubi multi-lite all brass to manually adjust the angle of the light so that it can play its own role no matter where it is installed in the room. It can provide you with light sources from different angles, or adjust the shape of the lampshade to suit your needs and mood. You can change the appearance at will. There are many gubi multi lite pendulum stor installed indoors, each of which has a different shape. , Very changeable.


Multi-Lite Hanging Lamp White

The light-colored furniture is combined with a white gubi multi-lite pendant light to create a sleek visual effect indoors. Different shapes can be combined with different scenes, and different appearances can also create different light angles and brightness, which can meet all your lighting needs. Whether angle or brightness, it can be adjusted to your preferences.


Multi-Lite Pendant Lamp Silver

Multi lite replica has an unforgettable design: two cylinders are surrounded by two quartzpherical metal lids. Turning the outer shade changes the look and light direction of the chandelier accordingly. Gubi multi lite chrome has a smooth metal look and the smooth semicircular shape matches the feel of metal, which is more characteristic of modern lamps. The same silver Multi-Lite pendant lamp is also very versatile.
When the silver Multi-Lite pendant lamp is switched on, the center of the lamp emits a bright light. With its silver metal shell, it can provide better lighting and the visual effect looks brighter, which can improve the brightness of the room well.


Multi-Lite Hanging Lamp Black

Gubi multi lite pendant is a very common color, it can be very well integrated into any indoor scene. The semicircular outer lampshade can be changed at will, and the circle can be placed on the upper end of the lamp, so that it resembles a mushroom. You can also place the circle under the lamp so that it resembles a cute potted plant. Or set the round lampshades aside so that it resembles a little ladybug flying with outspread wings. The decoration and usability of the gubi multi lite pendant are very high.


If you want to put a practical and special lamp in your home, then gubi multi lite lamp should be one of your best choices. The shape of the outer lampshade can be adapted to personal preferences. Different lampshade angles can also provide different lighting conditions. Multi lite pendant is a decorative and practical lamp.


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