Alessandro Mendinic

Alessandro Mendini, a Milan-born architect, designer, artist and critic, was one of the theorists and promoters of the Italian design revival. Alessandro Mendini is editor of the magazines Casabella, Modo and Domus. He collaborates with many international companies to produce objects, furniture, spaces, paintings, architecture.

Artemide edge lamp is one of Alessandro Mendini's masterpieces. The Artemide edge lamp collection has two styles to choose from. One is the Artemide edge pendant lamp and the other is the Artemide edge wall/ceiling lamp, this elegant lamp by Alessandro Mendini is a hit with its minimalist design look.


Artemide Edge Lamp By Alessandro Mendini

Artemide Edge Pendant Lamp

Artemide edge pendant lamp is suitable for living room, dining room and room. Artemide edge lamp is combined with light-colored furniture to create a sleek and minimalist interior. The edge pendant lamp designed by Alessandro Mendini is a cube of which one corner is missing. The missing corner is the most special part of the Alessandro Mendini edge lamp. The Artemide edge 30 pendant lamp by Alessandro Mendini is like a special geometric shape without too much decoration, but when you place the Artemide edge 30 pendant lamp indoors, it will certainly become a colorful accessory.


Artemide Edge Wall Lamp / Edge Ceiling Lamp

The Artemide edge wall lamp can also be used as a ceiling lamp. Install Artemide edge 30 ceiling lamp indoors, Artemide edge lamp will realize the lighting function and beautify the indoor environment. Artemide edge ceiling lamp is an atmospheric lamp that is attached to the ceiling or wall of a room. Install the Artemide edge wall ceiling lamp indoors and impress your guests.

The most special thing about Artemide edge wall ceiling lamp by Alessandro Mendini is that if you mount this Artemide edge wall lamp on the wall or ceiling, it looks very interesting as if it is embedded in your interior. Edge ceiling lamp Artemide has a pure white appearance, and the design is very simple and beautiful. If you want to create a simple and special interior, you should not miss this wall lamp Artemide edge.

Artemide edge lamp by Alessandro Mendini, a fun and special lamp that fits perfectly in your interior.