The emergence of any design style is closely linked to geographical, cultural, environmental and climate factors, and the Scandinavian style is no exception. Scandinavia, the largest peninsula in Europe, is the cradle of the Scandinavian style.


Being at high latitudes and close to the North Pole, it has extremely long winter nights. Such geographical and climatic features have enabled Scandinavians to form a unique way of thinking about life when faced with the alternation of the sun and moon, darkness and light, cold and heat, and have the unique needs of the peninsula. also delivered extraordinary design ideas.


scandinavian style

The collection and mixing of these ideas eventually resulted in an elegant and simple house style with healing properties. We call this style “Scandinavian style”.


Features Scandinavian hanging lamp

1.Use neutral tones

Scandinavian pendant lamp design does not use too flashy colors but prefers pure and subdued neutrals.

A large number of pure colors and items from the same color series are used to create a calm and comfortable atmosphere. Light color is the basic color of the Scandinavian style.

The Scandinavian pendant lamp is simple, combined with its flowing shapes and lines, to embellish the space with color.


2.Simple Design Style:

Scandinavian pendant lamp are different from other designs that pursue fashion and commercial value.

Scandinavian pendant lamp stands for simplicity and practicality, embodies the unity of man and nature and involves form and exaggeration. Scandinavian light advocates that the product is united in form and function.

Observing this style of lighting design, each product has no superfluous patterns and pattern decorations, only lines and blocks of color are used to distinguish the embellishment. In this way, a comfortable, natural and peaceful environment.


3.Use natural materials

Scandinavian style pendant lights emphasize natural comfort and warmth, so the materials used are an important element of this style. For example, wood, rattan, etc. are all used elements. Using this lighting material will make your indoor space full of natural taste, clean and simple but not warm.

For example, wood, rattan, etc. are all used elements. Using this lighting material will make your indoor space full of natural taste, clean and simple but not warm.

By installing a Scandinavian lamp indoors, with the green plants and natural light in the house, life becomes very comfortable.

In general, Scandinavian design style reflects the diversified culture, politics, language and tradition of Scandinavian countries – consistency in form and function, and appreciation for natural materials.


The Scandinavian design style of lighting not only pays attention to the practical functions of the product, but also emphasizes the human factors in the design, avoiding too rigid and hard geometric shapes, producing a kind of modern aesthetic rich in “human touch”, so it is widely welcomed by people.

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1. Wicker pendant lamp

The Wicker pendant lamp of this chandelier is made of wicker material, which is very light and breathable.

It is a very classic product in Scandinavian style, which embodies the unity of nature and modernity.

It is very suitable whether it is installed in the living room or the room, and it feels like you are in nature.


2.CoCo pendant lamp

This CoCo pendant lamp has the Scandinavian style characteristics in appearance, shape and color of the design.

The lines are very smooth and the colors are simple and monochromatic, giving people a clean and comfortable feeling visually.

CoCo pendant lamp with the simple monochromatic house, this Scandinavian pendant lamp can create a comfortable and simple environment at home.


3.SIMPLE Scandinavian pendant lamp

The SIMPLE Scandinavian chandelier has a simple design in the shape of a flying saucer, which is very flat and very light to the touch.

SIMPLE Scandinavian Pendant Lamp is very suitable for installation in restaurants and dining areas because the shape of SIMPLE Scandinavian Pendant Lamp is very similar to the tableware people use when eating, which visually increases people's appetite.

The SIMPLE Scandinavian Pendant Light can produce very good results whether it is a single installation or a combination of several groups.


4.BELL Scandinavian pendant lamp

BELL Scandinavian pendant lamp has a very cute appearance, and the appearance of this product is as the name suggests, the product itself is very similar to a bell.

BELL Scandinavian Pendant Light is also lighting that can reflect the Scandinavian style very well.

The colors of BELL Scandinavian pendant Light are all simple and monochromatic, and the connection between the top of the lampshade and the lamp cord is cleverly used with a wooden decoration, which gives a very good embellishment effect.


5.STASSIS Scandinavian pendant lamp

STASSIS Scandinavian pendant Light uses elements of Asian wood and opal glass. STASSIS Scandinavian Pendant Light exudes warm lighting, simple lines and natural materials, without complicated elements.

The overall look of STASSIS Scandinavian pendant lamp is very elegant and warm. This Scandinavian pendant lamp is very suitable for installation in people's daily rest and relaxation areas, such as recreation rooms and reading areas.

The atmosphere that STASSIS Scandinavian Pendant Light creates can make people get rid of fatigue and feel physically and mentally happy.



The above is just a brief introduction to some Scandinavian design pendant lamps. If you are very interested in this style and want to see related products, please visit this website for more detailed information.