The blossi lamp designed by Sofie Refer for Nuura is composed of beautiful round glass lampshades, inspired by the golden light of the Scandinavian autumn, which always gives people a simple, transparent and free feeling. This beautiful blossi lamp has a soft and delicate appearance, with a classic and modern style, creating an elegant hanging function that can be integrated into a variety of private and public spaces in different styles.

The purpose of the blossi lampa is to provide indirect soft light. Nuura blossi lamp attracts people with the beauty of intricate metal details and sleek curved glass, creating a simple and eye-catching design. Blossi lamps can be used perfectly as a single pendant or in rows or groups on the table.


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Blossomi pendant lamp copy

The designer Sofie Refer was born in Denmark in 1974. From 1998 to 2003 she studied architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. The look of blossi pendant lamp replica is the perfect combination of Scandinavian simplicity and luxury. The flowing lines of the transparent glass of the blossi pendant lamp copy make people feel very comfortable visually.

The lighting design of the blossom lamp design series embodies the beauty of light. The blossi lamp replica also shows that lighting is the most important and powerful aspect of all environments. It is enough to reflect the deepest respect and enthusiasm of designers for light. Designers are constantly looking for new ways to play with and express light, and also through the use of new technical components and light sources.


Blossomi table lamp nuura replica

The lampadaire blush i series is made with the latest LED technology. A special LED disc is placed in the center of the blossi lamp replica. The light from the blossi table lamp replica is reflected in the blown glass lampshade and the gold-finished metal, spreading soft and delicate indirect light.

The combination of transparent lampshade and noble metal colors of the blossi table lamp copy is very versatile, suitable for matching with different shades of furniture, whether it is in the living room or the room is very suitable, the blossi table lamp nuura replica must be a good place to decorate your interior space.


Blossomi wall lamp replica

The sleek and refined design of the blossi wall lamp replica is made of blown glass and powder-coated metal to create an elegant and simple design. The blossi copy wall lamp is equipped with an integrated LED and the warm light it emits emphasizes the beautiful layered circular design. The blossi lampa replica draws attention to its charming center.

The atmospheric luminaire of the nuura blossi lamp replica can only be placed on the wall or ceiling, while the nuura blossi wall lamp replica can also be used as a ceiling lamp, or can be used in family rooms or hotels, restaurants and shops.


Blossi chandelier copy

The blossi lampa replica has the most common three styles namely blossi pendant lamp replica, blossi chandelier replica , blossi table lamp nuura replica and blossi wall lamp replica. Whatever style it is, it is very versatile and well suited as your indoor lighting. On the home website you will find the best blossi lamp copy, you are welcome to choose as many as you want.