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What are the best Black Friday sales?

During the Black Friday Festival of Home in 2021 we will provide you with the best quality products, including pendant lamps, wall lamps and table lamps in various sizes. You can choose from hundreds of products and you will receive a 15% discount on all products.

You can browse the most popular products in this article on the website so that you can make the best choice.


Best Hanging Lamp

1.Vertigo Nova Pendant Lamp

The Vertigo nova pendant lamp copy is like a dancing butterfly, and the simple combination of lines can also leave a deep impression on people. The material of the Vertigo nova pendant lamp copy is very light. If you place the Vertigo nova pendant lamp copy in a ventilated place, it can move with the wind, which is very nice.

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2.Aim Pendant Lamp

Aim pendant lamp copy can adjust the cable at will to guide the lamp head and light distribution in any way you want. Aim pendant lamp copy is a free lighting. Whether installed in the living room or kitchen, Aim pendant lamp copy can provide you with a convenient and easily directed light.

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3.Melt Pendant Lamp

Melt pendant lamp copy has four colors to choose from, just like the name, it looks like melting fruit candies. Due to the semi-transparent state, the melt pendant lamp copy looks more transparent and technological.

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4.Flos 2097 Chandelier

This flos 2097 chandelier copy is a chandelier that does not look too exaggerated. It differs from the chandelier in the daily impression. It's modern and simple, without too many hangers. Each 2097 chandelier copy light source is distributed at the end of the lamp branch, like a firefly lying on a branch and glowing.

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5.PH 5 Pendant Lamp

If I had to name one lamp that I would like at a glance, I think it would have to be the PH 5 pendant lamp . Choose PH 5 pendant lamp copy to put in the dining room, it is a very good choice. The structural design of the PH 5 pendant lamp copy prevents the light from being emitted directly, so it emits very soft light, and the simple monochromatic combination makes the PH 5 pendant lamp copy look smooth and clean as a whole.

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Best Table Lamp

1 .Kartell Battery LED table lamp

Kartell battery LED table lamp is a portable rechargeable LED table lamp. The lampshade of kartell big battery table lamp copy has many patterns. The refraction of light will create many beautiful patterns. From top to bottom, the light and shade of kartell big battery table lamp copy can be broken into a beautiful sunflower, giving an excellent visual effect.

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2.AJ table lamp

The AJ series lighting is popular all over the world with its simple and fashionable appearance. AJ table lamp copy must be your best choice for directional lighting and corner lighting. AJ table lamp copy has an angled lampshade that can effectively collect light. AJ table lamp copy is very suitable as a desk lamp for desk work and reading.

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3.Atollo table lamp

Atollo table lamp copy is composed of various geometric shapes of cylinder, cone and hemisphere, and their colors are uniform, creating a smooth and neat visual effect. The fashionable style of atollo table lamp copy will also not age over time. Put it in the house, atollo table lamp copy becomes a beautiful landscape.

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Chic and Popular Atollo Table Lamp In 2021


4.PH 3/2 table lamp

The ph series lighting is beautiful and unforgettable, and the PH 3/2 table lamp copy is no exception. The combination of protein lampshade and metal bracket is simple and elegant. The light of the PH 3/2 table lamp copy is not direct, so the light it emits is soft, suitable for reading before going to sleep or as a night light.

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PH3/2 lamps provide the most comfortable lighting


5.Flowerpot VP3 table lamp

Flowerpot table lamp is a very classic table lamp, as long as the flowerpot table lamp is mentioned, one will think of its synonym: love and peace. Flowerpot table lamp copy has a variety of high saturation colors, which are full of enthusiasm. Flowerpot table lamp copy is a lighting that combines functionality and decoration.

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Best Wall Lamp

1.Serge Mouille wall lamp

Serge Mouille wall lamp is a masterpiece of industrial lighting. Serge Mouille copy wall lamp has adjustable lamp arms and a bowl-shaped lampshade that captures light Serge Mouille copy wall lamp is available in two colors and five sizes to meet different needs.

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Best Replica Of Serge Mouille Lamp In 2021


2.IC Lights wall lamp

The IC series lighting is called stellar lamp, which symbolizes eternity and elegance. Simple lines and spheres make up the IC wall lamp copy When you switch on the IC wall lamp copy , the protein sphere emits a soft light, just like a star that never stops spinning. Always radiates a charming light.

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3.Lampe Gras wall lamp

Lampe gras wall lamp copy is a multifunctional lamp that can be mounted on the ceiling or on the wall. Different models of lampe gras wall lamp copy are equipped with different lampshades and lampe gras wall lamp copy is well suited for spaces that need accent lighting lampe gras wall lamp is a representative of modern functionalism and industrial aesthetics.

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4.Edie and Betty wall lamp

The appearance of Edie and Betty wall lamp is very cute and adorable. With a wide selection of glass colors and lighting, there will be a different visual effect. The sculpted blown glass sphere glows with opal opaque, translucent or transparent glass. Although the Edie and Betty wall lamp evokes a sense of timelessness, it retains a fresh and modern look. Different shapes and colors of Edie and Betty wall lamp have different tastes.

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5.Puck Wall Art Wall Lamp

The puck wall art wall lamp stacks circles of different sizes, these circles are single or multiple, and they intersect to form a three-dimensional visual experience. The puck wall art wall lamp gives indirect light to create a warm atmosphere, but at the same time such an interesting geometric combination also makes the Puck Wall Art wall lamp a good decoration.

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The Black Friday promotion gets a 15% discount on all lighting products. More high-quality lighting products are waiting for your choice on the homepage of the home website. Don't hesitate, this is the best time to shop!