Rituals lamps are elegant, versatile and atmospheric. Foscarini Rituals replica are reminiscent of paper lanterns used in Eastern culture, but they are made of blown glass, a material with a thousand-year-old Venetian tradition, with different shapes complementing each other. The lamps from the Rituals series come in many different shapes and types, and they attract attention individually or in groups.

The Foscarini Rituals lamp includes Rituals pendant lamp , Rituals table lamp , Rituals wall lamp , Rituals ceiling lamp and Rituals floor lamp . Next, let's find out more about the particularly popular Rituals pendant lamps and Rituals table lamps.

Foscarini Rituals hanging lamp

The exquisite effect of the Foscarini Rituals pendant lamp is achieved by its beautiful round shape, glass cut and special industrial craftsmanship, reminiscent of old craftsmanship. The raw materials of the Rituals pendant lamp can be found everywhere on the blown glass with satin effect. Even when closed, the Rituals pendant lamp retains its decorative value.

Foscarini Rituals pendant lamp include Foscarini Rituals 1 pendant lamp , Foscarini Rituals 2 pendant lamp and Foscarini Rituals 3 pendant lamp .

Foscarini Rituals 1 hanging lamp

Foscarini Rituals 1 pendant lamp is full of organic impression and light, free effect. Inspired by exotic paper lanterns, the Rituals pendant lamp is made of blown satin glass and can be ordered in three sizes to suit individual needs. Hang the Rituals 1 pendant lamp individually or in different groups for striking visual effects. The shade diffuses the light slightly to soften the brightness and provide mood lighting. With its charming curves, the Rituals 1 pendant lamp is one of the most exciting works in the series.

Foscarini Rituals 2 hanging lamp

The Rituals 2 pendant lamp is majestic and radiates a warm, sunny light. The Rituals 2 pendant creates a cool interaction between light and shadow through textured shadows, projecting interesting designs throughout the room. This is not only a good choice for mood lighting, but also a beautiful wall decoration. The Rituals 2 pendant lamp measures 19 x 34 cm, the diameter of the shade is 12 cm and the diameter of the diffuser is 34 cm.

Foscarini Rituals 3 hanging lamp

The Foscarini Rituals 3 pendant lamp takes on a natural and elegant shape that is very similar to a beehive. This Rituals pendant lamp is available in different colours, shapes and sizes, perfect for adding warmth and warmth to your home. Stack Rituals 3 pendant light from the central fixture to create a modern waterfall effect, or use them alone in your home for a simple and elegant touch. There are many combinations of Rituals pendant lights to try out, and they are sure to complement your indoor space. The Rituals 3 pendant lamp is made of glass and metal. The lamp itself is sturdy and durable, with a long-lasting quality.

Foscarini Rituals table lamp

The Foscarini Rituals table lamp offers three similar shapes with diameters of 20 cm, 24 cm and 34 cm – all of which are reminiscent of a honeycomb. On top of the three-legged brown metal bracket is the opal glass shade. Rituals table lamps can be used in the lounge, living room or study to increase the lighting and atmosphere.

Foscarini Rituals table lamp include Foscarini Rituals 1 table lamp , Foscarini Rituals 2 table lamp and Foscarini Rituals 3 table lamp .

Foscarini Rituals 1 table lamp

The Rituals 1 table lamp was designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, with a mouthpiece made of satin glass lampshade. The organic and beautiful Rituals 1 table lamp emits a warm and strong light, reminiscent of traditional Japanese paper lanterns. Rituals table lamps have different types of lamps and different shapes, which are very eye-catching for groups and individuals. The mouth-blown white glass shade of the Rituals 1 table lamp is amazing.

Foscarini Rituals 2 table lamp

The Foscarini Rituals 2 table lamp is part of the Rituals lamp series. It uses high-quality mouth-blown glass to provide the best ambient lighting effect for the room day and night. The stylish combination of blown glass and painted metal brackets will complement any interior. This Rituals 2 lamp with plug has a 200 cm cord with switch. The Rituals 2 table lamp will add a distinctive touch, especially when combined with other lamps or chandeliers of different sizes and shapes from the Rituals series.

Foscarini Rituals 3 table lamp

The Foscarini Rituals 3 table lamp is a perfect lamp that can be combined with several unique lamp designs from the Rituals series to create a harmonious and relaxing light for your room. The change of frosted glass creates a pleasant atmosphere. The design partners of Ludovica and Roberto Palomba combine modern and historical elements in their unique and personalized designs. This beautiful Rituals 3 table lamp is perfect for placing on a shelf or side table.

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