Children's Room&Baby Room Decorating Tips

Tips for children's room and baby room

The design of children's rooms and baby rooms requires consideration of various factors, such as the child's personality, age and hobbies. Children's rooms and babyroom are bedrooms, living rooms and play spaces for children, as well as their free space.


Most parents tend to decorate their children's rooms in different colours according to their gender. For example, pink, lilac, yellow, etc, for girls. For boys, blue, green, etc. In fact, children's preferences for colours are not fixed. It is important to match the colours to the child's preferences.


Some parents like to make their children's furniture colourful. But! Do not paint over the original furniture as these brightly coloured paints can contain various harmful metals. It can affect the development of your child. Should choose furniture that is safe, environmentally friendly, odourless and non-toxic.


Children's and baby rooms must be decorated to avoid the presence of angular tables and chairs in the room. Children are lacking in self-protection, so avoid angular tables and chairs in the layout. You can use some anti-corner foam pads as a protective measure.


As children have an active and sensitive mind, their desire to explore new things is catered for as much as possible in terms of decoration. A floor tent can be placed to enable the child to have a small, independent space. Or hang some bunting.


When decorating children's rooms and baby rooms, it is also important to pay attention to the temperature of the room. If the room temperature is too high or too low which can affect the health of the child. So it is important to control the room temperature! You can use dimmable lights or warm light source of lamps to decorate the children's room.


About the layout. Minimise the amount of clutter you put in the free space. You should put toys that children like, such as dolls, hand-painted books, small toy cars, etc. This will not only give the child their own private space, but it is also the greatest respect for them.

Lighting Recommendations

Here is a range of lighting decorations suitable for children's rooms and baby rooms.


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