Are you looking for a beautiful chandelier? 2097 can meet your needs. The 2097 suspension lamp was designed by the famous Italian lighting designer Gino Sarfatti. The 2097 chandelier is a modern chandelier in a minimalist style. If you want a refined and elegant interior decoration, choose this 2097 chandelier that will add a sense of nobility to your living room or dining room.


2097/18 Chandelier

Compared to the other two sizes, lampa 2097/18 is the smallest size. Although the number of spheres is small and the size small, this does not prevent the 2097/18  from exuding its charm. The small model 2097/18 black is more suitable for relatively small spaces, such as additional halls and small lounges, to embellish your simple small space. Each part is presented with excellent craftsmanship to make your home perfect.


2097/30 Chandelier

The 2097/30 can create a warm and comfortable living environment while being simple and luxurious. 2097/30 is more suitable for installation in restaurants, reading rooms and secondary halls. If you are still thinking about what kind of lighting should be in the decoration room, then the 2097/30 brass should be a good choice. The from 2097 combines classic, elegant, soft and special design. The overall shape looks like a classic symmetrical beauty.


2097/50 Chandelier

The size of the 2097/50 is the most luxurious size. Countless bright light sources are like beautiful works of art. The 2097/50 is very suitable for installation in the living room and central hall of the house. The style of lampadario 2097 is the perfect combination of retro and modern, which fully enhances the style of the house. When your guests enter the door and see such a shiny luxury chandelier, they can't help but love it.


2097 - Matte Black

The matt black 2097 lampa gives people a mysterious and noble feeling. The black branch-shaped metal pole and the bright light form a sharp contrast, giving you a shocking visual effect at first glance. 2097 black is well suited to match with dark furniture to create a mysterious sense of space, or to install during the day in a place with a lot of light to form a strong visual conflict.


2097 - Chrome

The 2097 small gives an unobtrusive feeling of luxury. 2097 chandelier is a dazzling decoration wherever it is installed. No matter what kind of scene it's put in, 2097 chrome is very good. Turn on 2097/50 when the light is bad, like thousands of stars appearing before your eyes. Luster 2097 is a good choice for many indoor spaces.


2097 - Brass

The 2097 pendant lamp relies on the collaboration of the light and the copper shell to give a very beautiful feeling. 2097 brass is combined with warm interior furniture to make the interior light brighter. lampa 2097 and light furniture make people feel bright and visually feel that the whole space is very bright and sunny.


This high quality, durable and beautiful 2097 chandelier is the best choice for your interior.
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