If you have ever been drawn to vertigo pendant lamp, this latest advanced version – vertigo nova pendant lamp will also captivate you. Let's reveal this fascinating pendant lamp on the following pages.


Vertigo Nova Pendant Lamp

There is no doubt that in recent years, petite friture vertigo nova pendant is popular in all European countries because it has an elegant and chic look. Moreover, the use of the unusual materials resembles less a traditional pendant lamp, but more than a work of art hanging in the air.

The main difference from vertigo pendant lamp is the light source, which converted the use of the lamp into a built-in LED chip, so the previously exposed lamp has become a closed shape like a flying saucer. The overall look has changed from an elegant French ladies hat to a naturally floating duckweed. Duckweed is a small plant that grows on the surface of standing water, which has an irregular shape such as a circle or an oval. When summer comes, the green duckweed often covers the entire surface of the water. However, the floating duckweed shaped pendant lamp is large, with a diameter of more than 1 meter. Just hang a piece in the air, and it will be the star of the room.


Vertigo Nova Petite Friture

The French designer Constance Guisset released this interesting vertigo suspension reproduction, a classic Petite Friture product, almost ten years ago. The designer wanted to create a pendant lamp for the large space and at the same time give the lamp a sense of movement. So she uses lines to outline and shape the whole part and takes over the light materials. When you see the pendant lamp, you will not find it cumbersome and feel very relaxed and comfortable. This large pendant lamp is popular because it corresponds to the modern trend – minimalist style. The special shape reveals the aesthetic charm of geometric figures.


Vertigo Nova Lampa

Both the design and the materials of the vertigo nova led pendant lamp show the ingenious idea of the designer. It is made of fiberglass, polyurethane, glass, steel and aluminum. The lightweight lines are available in black or white, surrounding the glass sphere that emits light. The lamp looks like a circle from the curved surface. It has three sizes, vertigo nova 110, vertigo nova 140 and vertigo nova 190. As the diameter increases, the arc of the surface also increases. Unlike the previous suspension vertigo, the light source of the vertigo nova lamp is enclosed by a sphere, so it will not create a reflection that gives people a strong shining, but will bathe the room in a glow.


Vertigo Nova Imitation

This large vertigo nova pendant lamp composed by lines is ideal to hang in the living room, dining area and bedroom. Three sizes are available for different sized rooms. When suspended in the air, the light and wind will penetrate the slender lines, making the pendant lamp like dancing in the air, creating a clear landscape. No matter whether it is lit or not, it will bring a calm atmosphere and sing a song of elegance and fashion in your home. The round shape makes the whole space more compact. It can be hung alone or in a cluster of several pieces in different sizes.


Vertigo Nova 

There are two colors of vertigo nova and they will give a different visual feeling. The black vertigo nova pendant lamp is full of mysterious senses. The combination of the cool tone and the appearance of the flying saucer makes it seem like you are roaming the galaxy. When lit, there is a clear contrast between the bright, full light source in the center and the dark, concave lines around it, accentuating the design. The black vertigo nova petite friture is perfect for use in modern living rooms and dining areas, which is not too complicated but elegant.

The white vertigo nova light has a soft soul because white represents purity. The simple finish allows it to easily blend into any interior. At the same time, the whole lamp is covered in the same color with no extra parts between the light source and the lines, which seems to have been produced naturally and has a perfect visual impact. The light-colored pendant lamp is perfect for combining with other dark-toned furniture to create contrast and increase the feeling of layering. It will bring an eternal freshness to the room and lighten your mood.


Vertigo Nova Pendant Light

Vertigo nova lighthas a set of lighting fixtures, including pendant lamp, wall lamp and floor lamp. It is difficult to tell exactly the inspiration of this novel and funny design, but there is no doubt that it is a beautiful lamp in any room. The fashion of minimalist style is fully reflected in this series and no design can re-engrave its geometric beauty. It also features a wonderful coordination with light, which creates a brilliant reflection on the wall, such as the blooming sunflower, giving people a great visual experience. There will be a difference if you look at this lamp from different angles as it is not a static design on a flat surface. It is a dynamic lamp that the designer wants to express. It is full of energy and stays in slow motion.


Vertigo Nova LED Pendant Lamp

In general, this large vertigo nova pendant lamp is at the top of the trend. Even if your house is not big, you can have one to decorate your home. The feature of lines does not make it bulky. In addition, the curved surface and flexible material make it look soft. If your house is big, don't hesitate, because this pendant lamp was originally made for a large space. It makes indoor space like outdoor living, which keeps a fresh feeling. The light and the wind are his playmates. When they gather, the lamp will dance and make the environment shine. You can choose to hang it over the table. On the one hand, when the lamp completely covers the table, it projects a regular reflection on the table with light passing through the lines, adding a dynamic decoration to the table. On the other hand, you can also combine vertigo nova small  with large tables, so that it expands the visual range of people and makes the space more compact.