The aim pendant light was designed by the designer in 2012 and the aim pendant light replica has left a deep impression from the very first glance. The aim led pendant light is mainly made of aluminum and acrylic. The aim pendant light uses excellent materials to create a simple and generous aim small multipoint led pendant light. The aim small pendant light has been transformed and designed many times and now the aim multi light pendant has become one of the most suitable and comfortable lighting.

The sling of the replica flos aim pendant 3 suspension light has attracted a lot of attention. Unlike other replica flos aim which are mainly supported by a vertical steel bracket, the sling of this replica flos aim lamp can be adjusted and bent.

The sling of the aim pendant flos can be recognized by this aim pendant lamp. One of the designs. The pendulum of the aim small pendant lamp can be moved so that the euroluce aim pendant can be adapted to your needs, so that the light of the aim pendant replica can be placed where you need to illuminate and the flos aim pendant replica the whole indoor space for you can relieve.

The aim flos light has two colors for you to choose, black light11 flos aim and white aim light fixture At the same time, the aim lamp has two sizes namely Dia 18cm x H 15cm bouroullec aim lamp and Dia 24.5cm x H 18cm aim flos lamp. Aim flos lampa in different colors and sizes provide a different experience in your indoor space.


Aim lamp bouroullec


Black light Aim lamp von flos

The black aim lampa flos is a classic design among the aim lampada flos. The versatile colors allow the suspension aim flos to meet the needs of any style. You can place the black suspension aim small floss in any indoor environment.


The black aim pendant lamp will naturally blend into your interior space. At the same time, the aim flos pendant lamp can also help you create a retro and mysterious atmosphere. While you create a retro atmosphere for you, the aim pendant lamp can also serve you provide bright lighting.


White Aim suspension

The white suspension aim led makes it easier to create a simple and generous interior space for you. The white aim pendulum floss can also be combined with the inner sleeve and the white aim pendulum is also a versatile choice. But compared to the black pendulum lamp aim, the white pendulum lampe aim is cleaner and tidier and the white pendulum aim is the ideal choice for more people.

You can choose the color of the pendelleuchte ähnlich flos aim according to your preferences. Both the white aim pendelleuchte replica and the black aim pendelleuchte are very versatile and natural designs, so whichever color aim pendelleuchte 3-flammig you choose, it can help you create a unique and natural room atmosphere.


Aim replica


Aim hanging lamp imitazione: Dia 18cm x H 15cm

This aim flos immagini is more refined and beautiful than the aim flos small 3 of 24.5 cm. Placing the aim flos dimmer in the bedroom does not take up any space. You can also let the aim floss designer help you create a unique interior space.


The aim flos dimensions has a unique design, which is more than traditional aim di flos prezzo. With a sense of design, the aim de flos can also become a unique decorative work of art in the interior and provide you with lighting.


Aim flos hanging lamp: Dia 24.5 cm x H 18 cm

Compared to the lampa yak flos aim of 18 cm, this yak flos aim has a larger surface. The flos aim black is suitable for placing in the living room. The flos aim zubehör will impress your guests. The flos aim copy will illuminate the entire room to the maximum.

Or the aim of flos can also be placed in public places such as halls. The aim von flos creates a unique style for the hall. You can hang the aim sospensione von flos in a combination so that the aim flos bianca illuminates the room. At the same time, the aim flos bianco can help you create a simple and stylish modern living atmosphere.


If you are also interested in this aim pendant by flos, feel free to take the aim pendant light mini home with you!