Are you looking for high quality chandelier? The vp globe chandelier, designed by Verner Panton, faithfully captures people's imagination and yearning for the space age. The vp globe pendant lamp perfectly combines color, space and style and is a very popular and representative chandelier design in contemporary times.



VP Globe – Gold

The gold vp globe pendant light brings a sense of luxury to your interior. If you hang it above the dining table, the vp globe will give your dining area a noble feeling. When the VP globe pendant lamp is lit, the diffused light creates a calm atmosphere. Different colors of aluminum reflectors and gold reflectors reflect each other in the vp globe lampa, harmonizing the levels of cold and warm harmony, creating a visual sense of “space capsule”.

The vp globe brass has a unique shape and breaks through the old impression of traditional lighting. The verpan vp globe 40cm is no longer a simple configuration of lampshades and poles, but a work of art that can make people full of imagination.


VP Globe Pendant Lamp – Chrome

Verpan vp globe pendant  has five reflectors and three hanging metal chains inside, which not only meets the requirements of the vp globe to avoid glare and compensate for the light color, but also has a crystal clear shape. The chic glass lampshade radiates soft and warm light into your interior. You can decorate this vp globe pendant lamp in your dining room, living room, study room or other public places.

Controllability, transparency and rich colors are the main features of the vp globe spare part. If you don't know how to match your furniture, this verpan vp globe glass ø40 will help you a lot. The design has never been out of date, so you can easily match it.


VP Globe Pendant Lamp – White

The vp globe white gives you a very pure and practical feeling. The white leaves in the lamp resemble white clouds and the transparent spherical shell resembles a balloon. People can't help but think of the image of balloons slowly rising into the clouds, floating freely. Awaken the comfort of human vision and senses.

The vp globe will be used through the transparent glass sphere provide the best working conditions for the light and play the best advantage in the space. The vp globe 40 aluminum pendant shows the great feeling of Verner Panton in terms of technique, materials and possibilities. The vp globe hvid can be an eye-catcher, whether hung individually or in groups.


The vp globe pendant lamp full of futuristic technology is one of the best choices for your indoor lighting. Homelights sells vp globe lamp, which can give you a more favorable price under the premise of ensuring product quality. If you are interested in this unique vp globe pendant lamp, what are you waiting for? Buy it now!

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