Oluce is an Italian lighting brand founded in 1945. The goal is not only to produce great lamps, but also to create symbols and signs that can represent the Italian design culture. The atollo table lamp replica is the most representative and influential product of the Oluce brand.

Oluce atollo replica table lamp was born in 1977 and was designed by designer Vico Magistretti.

The atollo table lamp replica has won the Italian Golden Compasses Award. The designer, Vico Magistretti, is one of the most important industrial designers of the 20th century and a representative figure in the Italian design school after the Second World War. Hemisphere, cone and cylinder, three geometric shapes make up the unique shape, without extra lines, almost perfect. It is more of a work of art than a lamp.

The effect of atollo metal table lamp replica is different among different colors and materials. The golden metal texture is superior, luxurious and elegant; white is softer than metal, a bit like a white mushroom in the woods, playful and cute; black is versatile and can't go wrong The color matching is great no matter where it is placed indoors.

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Atollo Table Lamp Replica Gold

Replica gold atollo table lamp is a very classic lighting, also with the passage of time it will not lose its light. Its appearance is composed of semicircles, cylinders and cones. The cylinder is the lampholder under the oluce atollo table lamp replica, the semicircle is the lampshade of the atollo gold lamp replica, and the cone connects the lampshade and the lampholder.
The whole atollo table lamp replica doesn't have too many shapes or beautiful decorative decorations. Atollo metal lamp replica seems to be a monochromatic lighting with smooth lines, but atollo lamp replica always seems to put people at ease. When the atollo lamp replica gold is on, the warm yellow light and the golden shell complement each other, making it bright and beautiful.


Atollo Table Lamp Replica White

The white atollo table lamp replica in combination with the lighting makes the lampada atollo replica more transparent and softer. When the white atollo table lamp replica is in a dark place, the white oluce atollo lamp replica glows like a small mushroom popping up on the floor, full of playfulness and cuteness.
Place the replica atollo lamp in your daily rest area. When you're reading your favorite book, there's an atollo lamp copy next to it, as if it improves your mood. Or put atollo lamp replica white in the bathroom to provide you with light, but at the same time, the versatile and simple shape of the atollo lamp replica white also adorns your bathroom.


Atollo Table Lamp Replica Black

Good things people always linger, just like this unique oluce atollo replica, with uniform texture, highlighting the exquisite craftsmanship, beautifully carved solid base, stable and flat, never neglecting every detail; plus unique small mushrooms The appearance adds a unique look and feel to it.
The black atollo lamp replica is more mysterious and sophisticated, giving people a sense of tranquility, and black is a versatile color, any scene where the atollo lamp black is placed in the room will not look abrupt on any piece of furniture.



Shop on the HOME website, we offer three most classic colors and two sizes for you to choose. The small size is small and exquisite, and the large size is versatile and simple. Whatever color atollo lamp reproduction you choose, with its simple and smooth shape, it will enrich your interior beautification. Without over the top looks and dazzling colors, it must be one of the best choices for your home lighting.