When people think of , people always think of his design: nelson bubble pendant lamp. This is a very classic lighting. Although the outside color of the lamp is white, there are many different shapes and sizes to choose from.

The nelson bubble pendant lamp series of lamps is decorated with various lamps with spherical contours. The nelson lamp can add softness and brightness to the interior. The nelson bubble lamp was designed by in 1952 and is made of a strong and lightweight steel frame. But the bubble lamp is unique, whether it is a of a nelson bubble lamp on the ceiling, on the floor, on a desk or on the wall.


Best Nelson Lamp

Lamp — Model A


Bubble Lamp — Model B

Lamp — Model C

Nelson lamp can be considered a very representative and iconic lighting. There are dozens of lighting styles in the bubble series, and the appearance of the lighting will also change according to the changes in the brackets in the bubble lamp . In addition to the appearance and shape of the nelson bubble lamp, the material is also very special. When you turn this lamp on, the light will pass through the thin and light material of the nelson bubble lamp and emit a soft light. These lamps are like lanterns, very creative and can impress your guests.


Lamp — Model D


Nelson Lamp — Model E


Lamp — Model F

The home website provides you with a chic and unique vintage nelson bubble lamp. As you can see, the home website provides you various forms of nelson bubble lamp . When you use the nelson lamp opens, you are immersed in a beautiful space. Nelson bubble pendant lamp can emit warm and soft light. The simple and stylish design of the nelson bubble lamp has prompted many families to choose it to decorate their interior.


Nelson Bubble Lamp — Model G


Nelson Apple Bubble Pendant — Model H

The lightweight steel wire frame of nelson bubble lamp ensures that its shape remains unchanged even under tension. What an excellent nelson flying saucer bubble chandelier design! Nelson bubble lamp has cute and diverse shapes, like a lantern, full of Asian culture. The bubble pendant can convey a sense of retro even when not glowing. The shape of the crumpled bubbles looks different, which gives people a new feeling. The classic and soft taste blooms with a warm atmosphere in the tranquility. I think you will like the lamp .


Now the home website offers you eight styles of nelson bubble lamp . The eight shapes of the lamp are also available in different sizes for you to choose from. If you want to add a lamp to your interior, then bubble should be a good choice.