If you want to create a personalized and atmospheric home decoration, lighting is an essential part. With the twice lamp from House Doctor you get a very nice lamp. The house doctor twice lamp is made of glass and metal and has an elegant and delicate appearance. The twice lamp with two lamps has an amazing asymmetrical design and the twice lamp adds specialty and versatility to the home.

The beautiful brass details of twice lamp give it an elegant look, both original and classic. The twice lamp is suitable for use anywhere in the house. Maybe you can place a house doctor twice ceiling lamp in your hallway, above the dining table or in the corner of the living room. Install the house doctor twice ceiling lamp in all places where you want great and unique light sources. There are three styles of twice lamp, which are twice pendant lamp, twice table lamp and twice wall lamp. Each style has a different color shade to choose from, which can meet all your requirements.

Best house doctor twice lamp

Twice ceiling lamp

House Doctor's twice lamp can be considered his classic. The elegant and exquisite twice ceiling lampis a special design made of opal and brass. This twice pendant lamp is very fashionable. twice pendant lamp uses two spheres of frosted opal glass to emit light in a very pleasant way.

Twice lamp has a unique artistic style, twice lamp has a metal bracket and a spherical lampshade to increase the texture of the whole lighting. The shape of the twice pendant lamp is reminiscent of tree branches, and two lampshades of different sizes are like fruits that bear on the branches. twice lamp has a sculptural design and can be a unique interior decoration.


Twice table lamp

The house doctor lamp twice is a simple and unique lamp. The twice lamp has a playful design. The shape of the twice lamp resembles a cherry, which makes people feel organic. In addition, the twice lamp also has Scandinavian minimalism. Style.

Twice table lamp consists of two spherical glass lampshades, one is a large cream white lampshade and the other a smaller glass lampshade. There are different colors to choose from for the twice lamp with two lamps, such as transparent, smoky and milky white. The lamp can be used in any room, very versatile.


House doctor twice wall lamp

If you want to use some extra light sources to illuminate your indoor space, this beautiful house doctor twice wall lamp might be the best choice. Because it is a glass lampshade, the light emitted by the twice wall lamp is very soft. The twice wall lamp is used in combination with the main lamp and the two reflect each other, which will surely create a very comfortable indoor environment for you. The twice wall lamp is very suitable for all rooms and can maximize the tonal effect in the glass.

If you choose this twice lamp, twice lamp will create a chic and elegant atmosphere for you. Even when it's not on, the twice lamp can be a beautiful piece of art, suitable to place anywhere in your home.