The design of spokes hanglamp is inspired by retro oriental lanterns and combined with birdhouse elements. It looks like a rattan lantern or a noble birdcage. Spokes lamp can filter light into the room with its lightweight shape and many soft lines. Spokes lamp looks light, but the quality is very strong. The light passing through the lines of the spokes lamp can project many beautiful reflections.

Hanglamp spokes includes three different designs, namely: spokes lamp 1, spokes lamp 2 and spokes lamp 3. Spokes lamp series has a wide range of sizes and styles, you can choose the right product according to your needs.


Best Spokes lamp

Spokes lamp 1 

Spokes 1 pendant lamp is a kind of magic light modern chandelier. The shape is relatively slim, surrounded by vertical steel bars, which form an elegant oval diffuser. Spokes lamp 1 cleverly spreads the light to the surface below and the surrounding walls, creating a magical interaction of reflections and shadows.

Spokes lamp 1 suspension light embodies a feeling of weightlessness. The De spokes lamp 1 pendant lamp embodies a feeling of weightlessness. Spokes lamp 1 diffuses ambient light and projects kaleidoscope-shaped blocks and cavities onto surrounding surfaces and walls. Spokes lamp 1 is made of durable painted steel and aluminum. The stylish and dynamic shape is suitable for various interior designs, and Spokes lamp 1 can add style and personality to your home.


Spokes lamp 2

Spokes 2 suspension light fully demonstrates its lightweight appearance and elegant beauty. It is part of the iconic spokes series. Whether hung alone or as part of a combined suspension, spokes lamp 2 are striking works. The spokes lamp 2 pendant lamp has a geometric grid and the light is filtered from within. The innovative design of the spokes 2 lamp is made of painted steel and aluminum, with multiple colors. It is the perfect addition to your home and adds a touch of style to your space and sculpture.

You can choose to hang lamp spoke lamp individually or in multiple combinations. Hanging lamp of spoke lamps of different sizes and shapes together is a unique sight. Lampe spokes can also be hung staggered together. The combination of spokes hanglamp in different colors and sizes is unique.


Spokes Lamp 3

The shape of spokes lamp 3 is relatively flat, but can also emit a charming light. Spokes lamp 3 injects charm and innovative design into the environment. This lamp is inspired by the shape of bicycle tires and antique lanterns.

The spokes lamp 3 is formed by a slender metal rod in the shape of a large open-frame sphere, which is illuminated by the LED light at the bottom of the lamp. The light from the spokes lamp 3 fills the room with light and shadow, and when viewed from below, the unique frame forms a striking geometric pattern. Gently turning spokes 3 looks dynamic with a little vertigo, very special.

The spokes lamp is mainly made of metal, steel and aluminum. There are now three different colors and different sizes of spokes lamp to choose from on the home website. The built-in LED chip is responsible for the light source. It can be in homes and bars to create a soft and elegant atmosphere. Spokes lamp can also be hung individually or in combination. It can make your interior more beautiful.