Collection of sophisticated and minimalist table lamps for the home decoration

Flowerpot VP3 table lamp

The Flowerpot VP3 table lamp features a selection of psychedelic colours, a great way to breathe new life into your home. This retro lamp would not only add beautiful lighting, but would also can add a playful yet elegant atmosphere to your boudoir.

Kartell Battery LED Table Lamp

Kartell Battery LED table lamp is a practical lamps which has an elegant shape. It looks like the goblet, giving your home a pleasant decorative touch that will be the envy of all your friends. The Battery LED Lamp is made of transparent PMMA, making it hard to break, while also providing a beautiful decorative pattern that will make any room feel more romantic and poetic.

PH 3/2 table lamp

PH 3/2 table lamp was designed by Poul Henningsen. Throughout his life, Poul Henningsen tried to create glare-free light, direct light where it was most needed and soft shadows, using incandescent lamps as light sources.

Foscarini Rituals table lamp

The Foscarini Rituals table lamp speak the language of beauty and poetry. They are made of hand-blown glass marked by thin engravings that recall the art of grinding through skilled craftsmanship. Foscarini Rituals table lamp creates intimate light, softened by the wrinkled surface.

IC Lights table lamp

The ic table lamp is an elegant table lamp with a touch of luxury in gold. Beautiful and practical! The dreamy protein glass ball hangs on the light stand which looks like a floating moon, adding beauty to your space.

Cesta table lamp

Cesta table lamp is one of the most iconic lamps of The opal glass shade is supported by a beautiful cherry wood structure. It is handcrafted by European craftsmen, using traditional steam bending techniques for the wood, which has been delicately polished and solidly assembled.

Atollo table lamp

The geometric shapes of Atollo table lamp consists of the cylinder, cone and hemisphere which have simultaneously produced a decorative and essential product. Its trendy style will not become obsolete, even as time passes. The moment and has now become one of the icons of Italian design.

Rabbit table lamp

A quirky addition to any console or bedside table, our ceramic rabbit table lamp has plenty of charm. It is made of PMMA, resin and linen. Appropriate lighting can create an atmosphere in that place. Decorative lights can also highlight the area in the culture we are going to express.

Gatto table lamp

Gatto table lamp named after a "little cat". This Castiglioni brothers creation sits softly on any table, providing a glowing diffused light. The lamp is done in the famous 'cocoon' style for which the duo was known: a white powder coats the internal steel structure, which is then sprayed with the soft, webby resin. The diffuser is then protected by a transparent, sprayed finish.

Snoopy table lamp

Snoopy Table Lamp is an instantly recognisable, iconic piece. Full of personality with an integrated touch dimmer and a nostalgic silhouette, it is perfectly used on a bedside table, desk or sideboard, spreading a delicate light and leaving a lasting impression.

Birdy table lamp

Birdy table lamp is a beautiful and minimal table lamp. Full of personality and creativity! It combines classic and modern design to form a perfect artistic lighting.

Minos table lamp

The design of Minos table lamp is a composite of different elements from the 1970s to the present. Uniform green-beige terrazzo, dark green upholstered lampshade and polished brass accents create this playful adult table lamp.

Taccia table lamp

Taccia table lamp was created by Castiglioni brothers. The Castiglioni brothers often created designs that challenged our perspective, and the Taccia table lamp, which creates the illusion of an upside-down pendant lamp, is an inspired example.

Balloon table lamp

Balloon table lamp, the collection of elements are at once elementary and timeless, reminiscent of hot air balloons. The large mouth-blown glass in combination with the metal hand-shaped reflector made of luxurious materials, these are the characteristics of the Balloon table lamp collection.

Oda table lamp

The Oda table lamp will give you a stunning visual experience, vintage and welcoming. The appearance looks like lantern which full of oriental culture. Add beauty to your home.

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