Artek pendant lamp replica designer:Alvar Aalto

Alvar Aalto

Alvar Aalto is a Finnish architect and designer. His work includes architecture, furniture, lighting, textiles and glassware, as well as sculpture and painting. The popular Artek pendant lamp replica is from Alvar Aalto, the most popular are Artek A110 pendant lamp replica and Artek A330S pendant lamp replica. These Artek pendant lamp replicas from Alvar Aalto embody the functionality and usability of lighting fixtures.


Best Artek pendant lamp replica by Alvar Aalto

Hanging lamp A110 "hand grenade" replica

Artek Aalto Hanging Lamp A110 Black Replica

pendant light A110 “hand grenade”

This minimalist-looking Artek A110 Pendant Lamp replica consists of two cylinders with different diameters, like a bomb with a handle, which is why the Aalto Pendant Lamp A110 is also called a "hand granate". The Artek pendant lamp replica consists of a lacquered steel lampshade and inner ring to provide your interior with warm, warm light. The light of the Artek Alvar Aalto A110 does not feel harsh because the perforated inner ring of the Artek handgranate A110 pendant lamp replica creates a halo effect around the Artek handgranate A110 pendant lamp, reducing glare. The Aalto pendant lamp A110 replica was designed by Alvar Aalto for the Artek brand.


Aalto Hanging Lamp A110 White Replica

Artek Aalto pendant lamp A110

Artek A110 Pendant Lamp Replica is available in two colors, it is the most classic black and white color, the two colors are very strong in the interior, A110 Pendant Lamp White Replica can be installed in the living room, dining room and even kitchen of your home. You can install several Aalto pendant lamp A110 white replica above your kitchen island, you will certainly like the pendant lamp A110 "handgranate" replica . In addition to installation in the house, Artek handgranate A110 pendant lamp can also be placed in restaurants, bars, any space imaginable, Artek Alvar Aalto A110 can play its part!


A330S Pendant lamp replica by Alvar Aalto

Artek Hanging lamp A330S Golden Bell replica

Pendant Light A330S “Golden Bell“

The A330S pendant lamp replica has the quality of a sculptural work of art. Install Artek's A330S pendant light indoors. Whether open or closed, the A330s pendant lamp golden bell replica gives people a sense of elegance, tranquility and visual enjoyment. Artek A330S Pendant Lamp by Alvar Aalto The hollowed-out edge emits soft light, people will not see the light source of A330S Pendant Lamp Replica directly, avoiding the generation of dazzling light. Artek gold pendant lamp A330S replia is the most popular color because the appearance of Artek pendant lamp A330S golden bell replica can be a striking appearance in the interior and it is very suitable for any color furniture, just like a real golden bell, elegant and nice.


A330S Artek Pendant Lamp Replica Chrome

Artek A330S pendant light by Alvar Aalto

The elegant Artek replica pendant lamp A330S "golden bell" is made of a single piece of brass or steel, designed by Aino and Alvar Aalto in 1937. The pendant lamp A330s golden bell replica embodies Alvar Aalto's signature streamlined aesthetic, while the A330S pendant lamp replica of Artek ensures for light that is both warm and characteristically diffused. The Artek A330S pendant lamp replica has four colors to choose from, namely gold, silver, white and black. The classic Artek pendant lamp A330S replica is one of the premium choices for your indoor lighting.


A330S Hanging Lamp White Replica

A330S pendant by Artek

A330S pendant lamp white replica with white furniture table and chairs gives people a pure visual effect. If you want to build a minimalist interior, the A330S pendant lamp replica from Artek might be your best choice. The appearance of Artek pendant lamp A330S replica is like a bell, this gives you sufficient lighting, the cavity of the outer lampshade increases the diffusion, so that the light of the A330S pendant lamp replica does not dazzle.


Artek A330S Pendant Lamp Replica Black

A330S pendant by Artek

The matte black finish seems to add a mysterious texture to the Artek Aalto pendant lamp A330S replica . Artek pendant lamp A330S replicate above your desk, above your workbench, to give a rigorous look to the work area.

If you are looking for a matching lamp for your interior, try this Artek lighting by Alvar Aalto, Artek pendant lamp A110 "handgranate" replica and Artek pendant lamp A330S "golden bell" replica you will not be disappointed.