Gatto, meaning kitten in Italian, the gatto lamp named after "kitten" is the proud work of the Castiglioni brothers from Italy. The simple looking gatto table lamp attracts people with its unique beauty, so let's enjoy the unique charm of the gatto piccolo .



The three Castiglioni brothers, were all born in Milan, in the northern Italian region of Lombardy. The brothers' work includes exhibition design, furniture and lighting design, including gatto , and architectural design. The design focused on the meaning of the object itself is reflected in the lampa gatto grande and the gatto grande will inherit the design philosophy and philosophy of the Castiglioni brothers.



Obviously the gatto piccolo table lamp looks white at first glance, but the white of the gatto piccolo is not so bright and dazzling, it can be said that the white of the gatto lampa is very soft, and the white of the gatto lampa cocoon makes people feel very comfortable. White is very common in nature and real life, such as snow, clouds, milk, polar bears, etc. Therefore, the lampada gatto is shown in white, it gives you a kind of intimacy. Unlike black objects, white objects can reflect and scatter visible light. In other words, a white gatto lampa will not look too dull compared to its surroundings, and an unlit gatto lampada can also become an elegant decoration.



The appearance of the gatto looks very simple, the head and tail are large, and the middle is small, a bit like a hot air balloon, but the external design of the gatto table lamp is not arbitrary. Just like the designer's original idea to design this gatto lampa , the gatto lamp is the epitome of modernism. Or perhaps influenced by his father, who is a sculptor, when creating the gatto light , the designer has perfectly integrated the smooth lines and three-dimensional feel of the sculpture into the gatto lamp , which has a classic charm.



The gatto lamp is available in two sizes, small gatto with a height of 31 cm and large gatto lamp with a height of 58 cm. Two lampa gatto of different sizes can be used individually or in pairs. When using gatto lamp  in a group, you could try putting one big and one small gatto table lamp together so that the gatto lampa placed together seems like there is some kind of power like sibling custody, or partners.

* Gatto Mini - Dia21cm x H31cm

Small gatto lampa cocoon generally look smaller and cute. Due to its relatively small size, the lampada gatto of this size can be placed in a small desk, bedside table and other places that require relatively concentrated or small-scale lighting.

* Gatto Lampa - Dia38.5cm x H58cm

The height of the large gatto lampada is almost twice as high as the small gatto lampa, gives a more upright feeling and can be used in larger spaces, for example, the large gatto can be placed in the TV cabinet in the living room, coffee table in the living room etc.


The appearance of the gatto table lamp looks simple, but in fact, the manufacturing material reveals the high-quality feel of the gatto lamp . The lampshade of gatto lamp is made of precious mulberry silk, while the interior of the gatto table lamp copy is supported by metal. Soft silk and hard metal, the difference between the two different textures is so great, but they are cleverly combined in the gatto lamp .

The metal used as the inner support makes the gatto lampa strong and stable; the side used as the fabric of the lampshade allows the surface of the gatto lamp to be touched comfortably and has good light transmittance, while at the same time it can softly diffuse the light of the internal light source of the gatto without dazzling.



As Achille, one of Castiglioni's designers, said: "A good project should be designed, not driven by ambition, even if it is about a small desire: to communicate with the user", the gatto lampa was designed, it came out with the good wishes of the designer. At the same time, the designer hoped that works such as the gatto lampa cocoon would have their own distinctive features, allowing users to interact with the designer in time and space through the gatto table lamp .


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