The flowerpot lamp is an iconic design. The flower pot lamp was designed in 1969 by a designer. The flowerpot light shows you the charm of the 60s. It can be said that on the one hand the flowerpot lamp retains the retro atmosphere for you, on the other hand the flowerpot lampe will show more of the charm of the current designs with the development of time.

The flower pot light is mainly divided into two series crown flowerpot and flowerpot lampa. The flower pot lamp is mainly made in solid colours. A simple and generous flowerpot lamp offers you more options. In flowerpot lamp with flowerpot lamp design, this flowerpot lamp is easier to match with indoor houses, so flowerpot lamp can create a minimalist style for you.

There are many colors flowerpot lamp to choose from. You can choose the color of flowerpot light according to your preferences, and flowerpot lamp can create different indoor spaces for you.


Flowerpot Table Lamp

The flowerpot vp3 is a popular product in this series. The flowerpot table lamp vp3 is an ideal choice for modern people. Many people need a lamp in their indoor environment. The presence of flowerpot lamp vp3 can help us illuminate the indoor space with soft flowerpot table lamp and create a comfortable and natural atmosphere.

This flowerpot lamp vp9 only has one size that you can choose from. The size of the flowerpot table lamp vp4 is mainly 23cmxH49cm in diameter. The size of the flowerpot lamp vp4 is very small, which makes the movement of the flowerpot vp3 light blue very convenient. You can place the flowerpot vp9 light blue anywhere that flowerpot portable vp9 light blue is needed. The flowerpot vp3 light gray illuminates your space and the flowerpot vp9 light gray can help you with reading activities, so you can say that the flowerpot vp3 is your desk or the ideal choice for bedside tables.

The flowerpot vp3 table lamp is mainly made of metal and aluminum. The top and bottom are made of two semicircular spheres and the center is supported by a steel bracket. The flowerpot vp4 table lamp looks retro and beautiful and has been popular with people from the past to the present. Although the table lamp flowerpot shows you the charm of the flowerpot table lamp, the flowerpot table lamp can also be the perfect decoration for your indoor space. The flowerpot table lamp vp9 creates a retro atmosphere for you.

Flowerpot lamp is available in different colors including dark red flowerpot lampe, dark green flowerpot lamp, yellow flowerpot lampa, polished copper flowerpot lamp, gray flowerpot lamp small, matte black flowerpot lamp, pink flowerpot lamp, and white flowerpot lamp brass.

By placing flowerpot lamp with flowerpot lamp vp colors indoors, different effects are created. Flowerpot light in bright colors such as red, green and yellow can help you create a vibrant and beautiful space, and light blue flower pot table lamp can add color to your interior. Black and white flowerpot light can be naturally integrated into any interior space, creating a harmonious and natural space for you.


Flowerpot Pendant

The flowerpot pendant is hung on the ceiling, it is easier to attract the attention of the guests than the desk lamp. Therefore, it is necessary to pay more attention to the color selection of the flowerpot vp2 and find a suitable color combination of the flowerpot vp7. There are two sizes flowerpot pendant light for you to choose from. If you're interested, read on.


Flowerpot vp2 pendant lamp: diameter 23 cm x height 16 cm 

The appearance of this flowerpot pendant is exquisite and small, which is the goal pursued by many people. The small flowerpot pendant light with a solid color design on the outside is placed in the interior and does not take up any space. At the same time, the flowerpot pendant vp7 can also create a bright and lively atmosphere for you.

You can choose from different colors flowerpot pendant vp1 matt black. By using the combined hanging method, the flowerpot vp1 pendant lamp becomes a beautiful decor in your indoor space. Hanging a row of flowerpot pendant light vp7 can illuminate your kitchen environment, and the combination chandeliers are also ideal for hotel foyer and bar.


Flowerpot pendant vp2: diameter 37 cm x height 26 cm

This flowerpot pendant red stands out more than the first flowerpot pendant vp7 and the flowerpot pendant light black can attract the attention of guests. The flowerpot vp1 pendant light blue of this size also has a variety of colors for you to choose from. It is more suitable to place alone than the combination chandelier. You can place the flowerpot pendant light next to the bedside table in the bedroom or on the sofa in the living room.

The flowerpot vp7 pendant light will try to illuminate your space and decorate your indoor space. The clear appearance of the flowerpot pendant lamp will add a more lively atmosphere to your interior. The flowerpot pendant light is suitable for people who like warm and comfortable style.

Both flowerpot lights and table lamps are sought after by modern people. Here you can buy matt light gray flowerpot light and small flower pot light at very favorable prices. If you are also interested in this kind of flowerpot lampe, hurry up!