Heracleum Chandelier Replica Designer: Bertjan Pot

Lighting and furniture designed by Bertjan Pot are characterized by lightness and playfulness. Looking around at Bertjan Pot, it seems that there are very few photos that really show his face, because he prefers that people pay attention to his work and express themselves through it. The most popular Moooi heracleum LED chandelier replica designed by Bertjan Pot is inspired by the heracleum plant, the moooi heracleum LED chandelier replica looks like a beautiful plant and a dancing firefly.

Bertjan Pot


Moooi Heracleum Chandelier Replica

Heracleum The Big O Chandelier Replica

Heracleum The Big O chandelier replica

Heracleum the big O chandelier replica has an O-shaped appearance, just like its name. The light sources like fireflies are spread over the branches of heracleum the big O LED chandelier replica, like shining stars, it seems like they can dance with a gentle breeze. If you have a large living room, consider installing a heracleum small big O LED chandelier replica in your home. The large size heracleum chandelier replica is more suitable for installation in the lobby and living room. Moooi heracleum chandelier replica is sure to impress the guests who see it.


Moooi Heracleum II LED Chandelier Replica

Moooi Heracleum II LED chandelier replica

Moooi heracleum chandelier replica ii is the most common style in the moooi heracleum chandelier replica series of lamps designed by Bertjan Pot. The heracleum II LED chandelier replica is available in three sizes to suit the different needs of any venue. It is also a good choice to install a moooi heracleum II LED chandelier replica in a room, dining room or dining room.

Moooi Heracleum LED chandelier replica

The scattered light sources of heracleum II LED chandelier replica are like fireflies that emit a little bit of starlight, the light is not dazzling, but soft and romantic. Heracleum replica by Moooi uses lightweight materials for easy installation. The heracleum II pendant lamp replica is a very valuable purchase. You don't just buy a lamp, you also buy a work of art.


Heracleum III Linear Replica

Heracleum III Linear Replica

The heracleum III linear replica has a linear appearance, like a branch full of flowers. This heracleum chandelier replica is available in three colors for people to choose from. Like the other members of the heracleum chandelier replica family, the heracleum III linear replica also produces a warm glow.

Heracleum III Linear Replica

However, the heracleum III linear replica is very similar to the moooi heracleum endless replica, but if you look closely you will see that the tips of the heracleum III linear replica gently sweep upwards, making this heracleum chandelier replica ideal for hanging on long surfaces. to hang. † Like a dining table or a kitchen island, the light effect of the heracleum III linear replica will not disappoint.


Heracleum Endless Linear Pendant Lamp Replica

Heracleum Endless LED Linear replica

The design of the heracleum endless linear pendant lamp replica is a long rod. Unlike the heracleum III linear replica, one end of the heracleum endless replica has a branch tilted slightly upwards, but the other end does not. This allows the heracleum endless chandelier replica to be infinitely better. connected to form a light corridor like the Milky Way.

Moooi heracleum endless replica is perfect for bar counters and dining tables. Use heracleum chandelier replica on the bar, and you can see the bright milky way if you look up, dazzling and romantic. This heracleum chandelier replica can also give you a romantic and warm feeling.

Warm and romantic lighting is always indispensable to create a comfortable indoor climate. Moooi heracleum chandelier replica is such a lighting that meets different needs. If you are looking for a beautiful lamp for your home, then the replica of the moooi heracleum chandelier might be a good choice.