Nice Random Light

Random II Pendant Lamp

random II pendant lamp has a spherical appearance, and the material of the appearance seems to be intertwined with countless random lines. Random light  delivers simplicity, lightness and magic in a contemporary style. Each random light II is unique. The random light may not be exactly round, but it is always beautifully transparent and delicate.


Random Floor lamp 

Besides random pendant lamp replica, random II series lighting also includes Random floor lamp replica. The random floor lamp is available in two colours. If you want to add some extra lighting to your home, random light replica is one of the best choices for your home. Especially the beautiful random light  provides diffused light that illuminates every dark corner. Equally simple and light, the random floor lamp  is a beautiful lamp.


 Non Random Light

Non Random Suspension

non random pendant lamp is available in two sizes and two colors for people to choose from. Non random from looks like neatly rolled wool. These lines that make up the non random light are free and random. non random light replica D71 is the larger size and non random light replica D48 is the smaller size. You can try to hang two Bertjan Pot non random light replicas of different sizes together, the staggered visual effect is very interesting.


NR2 Lamp Replica

NR2 LED Pendant Lamp

NR2 Medium Suspension

 nr2 lamp is an elegant and clear flat bubble lamp with white or black wires intertwined. The grid pattern of thenr2 led pendant lamp creates a fine mesh that radiates in the light. The nr2 pendant lamp has the characteristic style. Install the nr2 pendant lamp in the room. It gives off a soft and magical glow. The nr2 pendant lamp replica is available in two different colors and sizes, the colors are black and white, with the nr2 medium pendant lamp replica and the nr2 large pendant lamp replica.


NR2 floor lamp

The nr2 floor lamp replica designed by Bertjan Pot also looks like a hollow line. The hollow design ensures that the nr2 led floor lamp does not obstruct the view. The nr2 floor lamp replica can be placed anywhere in your home where extra light is needed, such as a dark hallway or next to your favorite reading room. The nr2 floor lamp  is available in two different colours, nr2 floor lamp black and nr2 floor lamp white.

The lamps designed are very special and practical. If you are looking for special and practical lighting for your home, then these style lamps are a good choice.