Night Birds Resin Pendant Lamp

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  • White Dia 38 cm x 13 cm- A
  • White Dia 32 cm x 16 cm- B
  • White Dia 39 cm x 12 cm- C
  • Black Dia 38 cm x 13 cm- A
  • Black Dia 32 cm x 16 cm- B
  • Black Dia 39 cm x 12 cm- C
  • White 3 Cups 25cm
  • White 3 Cups 60cm
  • Black 3 Heads 25cm
  • Black 3 Heads 60cm
  • White 6 Cups 40cm
  • White 6 Cups 60cm
  • White 6 Cups 80cm
  • Black 6 Cups 40cm
  • Black 6 Cups 60cm
  • Black 6 Cups 80cm
  • Warm White

SKU: ML-032-1

Night Birds Resin Pendant Lamp

Night Birds metal hanging lamp is a hanging lamp in resin and metal. The night birds resin hanging lamp has dimmable LED light sources, each of which has a different color temperature.  It's a beautiful accent whether it's atop a dining table or in a hallway. The night birds metal pendant lamp process makes it possible to introduce delicate nuances in the shape of the wings and obtain a completely unique glass color.

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Night Birds Resin Pendant Lamp Size

  • Resin material (black or white)
  • Model A Dia 38cm x H 13cm / Φ 15 ″ x H 5.1 ″
  • Model B Dia 32cm x H 16cm / Φ 12.6 ″ x H 6.3 ″
  • Model C Dia 39cm x H 12cm / Φ 15.4 ″ x H 4.7 ″

Night Birds Resin Pendant Lamp Details

  • Material: Metal, Aluminum Alloy, Resin
  • Light source: LED chip 3-5W
  • weight: 1 kg / 2.2 lbs
  • Color: White, Black
  • Light: Warm white
  • We offer 120 cm / 47.2 ″ wires. Can be extended on request
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Data sheet

sizeAcrylic 3 heads 25cm
Acrylic 3 heads 60cm
Acrylic 6 heads 60cm
Acrylic 6 heads 80cm
Acrylic Dia 32cm x H16cm B
Acrylic Dia 38cm x H13cm A
Acrylic Dia 40cm x H8cm C
Hars Wit 3koppen 25cm
Hars Wit 3koppen 60cm
Hars Wit 6koppen 40cm
Hars Wit 6koppen 60cm
Hars Wit 6koppen 80cm
Hars Wit Dia 39cm * H 12cm C
Hars Witte Dia 32cm * H16cm B
Hars Witte Dia 38cm * H13cm A
Hars Zwart 3koppen 25cm
Hars Zwart 3koppen 60cm
Hars Zwart 6koppen 40cm
Hars Zwart 6koppen 60cm
Hars Zwart 6koppen 80cm
Hars Zwart Dia 32cm * H16cm B
Hars Zwart Dia 38cm * H13cm A
Hars Zwart Dia 39cm * H 12cm C
colourKoud wit
RC Dimmer
Warm wit
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