The taccia lamp, designed in 1962, is a classic of the brand and also a treasure in the collections of many museums around the world. Taccia table lamp is made of aluminum, glass and special copper materials, is the pioneer of the material fusion process and has become the most elegant model.

The collaboration between and the Castiglioni brothers designed the taccia lamp in 1962, using reflected light sources to create a soft atmosphere, making the lamp no longer a tool, but a tool to shape the atmosphere of life. and change the atmosphere of the room. In 1962, the taccia lamp completed the final design and became another classic product.

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Taccia table lamp bronze

The shape of the taccia table lamp consists of a metal base and a semicircular lampshade, which looks like an inverted chandelier and is also called a “radar lamp” because of its appearance. On the cylindrical base of the taccia table lamp is a transparent glass deep bowl. The surface of the shell is covered with an aluminum intaglio plate. The light projected by the lamp is reflected by the aluminum plate and diffused by the glass shell. The whimsical shape and striking shape of the taccia lamp provide a distinctive way of everyday lighting and add a little fun to life.


Taccia table lamp - silver


Products not only meet the basic needs for functionality, but also strive for a poetic expression of aesthetic concepts. Taccia table lamp is such a product.

The lamp holder of the taccia small is similar to the lamppost design of the Roman column, with metallic colors, the overall appearance is grand, elegant and beautiful. The glass lampshade of taaccia lamp  is covered in white and the light casts bright colors from the inside out, providing a translucent visual experience. Taccia table lamp is a table lamp with soft lighting. The light from taccia lamp is refracted through the glass lampshade to give a warm light. Taccia table lamp is very charming, beautiful and elegant, taccia lamp let you enjoy the hazy feeling in a beautiful space.


Taccia lamp-black

Taccia, made of aluminium, glass and special matt, is a pioneer in the fusion of materials and an example of elegant home decoration. Black has been used as the base color of the taccia table lamp, so that the taccia lamp can integrate better with the plain furniture. Placing the taccia lamp in any room will not seem intrusive. The interesting and special shape of the taccia table lamp is the most special part of the taccia lamp reproduction. If you want to buy a table lamp for your home but don't know how to choose, you can't go wrong with the taccia table lamp.


taccia lamp interior renderings

Taccia is a classic table lamp that will never go out of style. It has a very simple structure design without losing its specialty. The lampshade of the taccia table lamp replica stands on a striking decorative base and reflects the light through a large glass with a concave reflector. Its playful look will complement a variety of interiors and spaces, no matter where it is placed in the interior, taccia table lamp replica can play their own role.
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