The status of lamps in interior decoration is very important. Besides creating an artistic atmosphere, the lighting of different lamps will also give people a different feeling of home. Good lighting can quickly improve the quality of the interior. The ic lamp  series has different styles ic floor lamp , ic pendant lamp , ic t1 low table lamp, ic t1 high table lamp and ic wall lamp , all classics.


This group of works contains the conceptual inspiration of simple style and geometric symbols. IC lamp is very recognizable: the extremely thin brass bracket in combination with the white spherical lampshade has taken the minimalist aesthetic to the extreme.


IC Lamp

ic lamp is based on the design concept of the passage of time. ic lights  is like adding a small and cute circle to the capable lines. IC light  are like spinning stars, emitting a timeless and elegant halo and presenting elegant and charming diffused light in the room. The simple and elegant look of ic lamp is unforgettable. Install ic lamp in your room, even if you don't turn on the lights, ic lamp are the best interior decorations. The classic streamlined shape and the noble and simple design of ic lights suspension continue the aristocratic atmosphere of the brand.


IC Wall Lamp

ic w1 lamp is diffused light provided by an opal orb, supported by a geometrically shaped brass frame. ic lamp  embodies the designer's play with reflective metal and geometric space, embodying the characteristics of simplicity but full of sculptural feel. The simple yet special design allows ic wall light to meet the needs of different interiors. IC wall lamp  is available in two sizes for you to choose from Whether it is single installation or multiple combined installations, ic lamp can play a very good role in providing you with soft lighting and beautifying the interior space .


IC Table Lamp

The so-called “Bright is a lamp, dark is a work of art” refers to  ic lamp. The combination of spheres and lines is always irresistible. ic table lamp takes the minimalist aesthetic to the extreme, even with bold furniture colors or corporate identity it can be perfectly integrated into it. IC t1 low table lamp is composed of a thin steel base. The base carries the opal sphere lampshade to form a beautiful combination. The ic lamp can be twisted and bent at a certain angle. IC t1 low table lamp is a desk lamp with soft light, which can be adjusted by the dimmer on the power cord.


IC Floor Lamp

The ic lamp is a balanced case study. Michael Anastassiades watched the video clip of the contact with the juggler and was inspired by the ability to twist and move the sphere around the juggler's body. His premise was to capture the moment when the orb appeared to freeze on the edge of the juggler's arms and fingers, and the ic floor lamp was born. The ic lamp products combines the exploration of light with bold experimentation in shape, material and LED technology, pushing the elegant and concise style to the extreme.


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