Beste prijs voor melt lamp replica in 2021

If you're looking for a unique pendant lamp, Tom Dixon Melt Light will definitely be on the list.

Deze Melt Lava Lamp is designer by the genious designer - Tom Dixon,who is a famous Britain interior designer. Since he established his namesake brand in 2002, his designs have been popular all over the world. Tom Dixon is good at using uncommon materials such as marble, brass and plastic to create industrial styles.But at the meantime, he will add some innovative elements, which forms a futuristic sense, bringing people interesting mystery.Most of his designs are collected by many well-known museums.

De Melt Lampa

is one of the classic lightings of Tom Dixon. Among many lamps Melt Lamp Tom Dixon its popularity can be attributed to its unique appearance and outstanding design concept.

Melt Pendant Light Tom Dixon

is inspired by the dynamic change of glaciers melting and lava. When the hottest energy meets the cold temperature, which one do you prefer?

According to the design concept, Melt Lamp has an irregular spherical shape, making it like a natural formation. Melt Light Fixture makes use of the excellent transparency and strength of ultra-thin PMMA. With the light, the inside of the lamp produces a wonderful scene and shows the aesthetic beauty of burning and melting. At that time, if you take a look, you will never forget it.

Tom Dixon Melt Lamp Replica

bevat Melt Pendant, Melt Table Lamp and Melt Floor Light. A complete set of configuration makes it easy to decorate the interior as a new and dazzling world.
melt lamp
Melt Lamp

Melt Pendant Lamp Tom Dixon

Melt pendant lamp

There is no doubt that Melt Pendant Light replica has become a popular trend. Hanging this tom dixon melt lamp replica indoor is a useful tool that can immediately attract people's attention. Tom Dixon Melt Ceiling Light is available in four sizes and four colors, allowing people to choose and make a combination of them based on their preference. Melt lava lamp will create a personalized exhibition of pendant lamps.

Melt pendant lamp

Melt Pendant by Tom Dixon adopts lightweight polycarbonate, which contributes to its safe usage. Even if the largest model Tom Dixon Large Melt Pendant in the air, it looks like floating. With a transparent wire, it extends a small part of the top in the same color, making it full of design.

Each color of Melt LED Pendant Light has its own characteristic, and you can create a unified theme in a single color, which offers a comfortable visual effect .

Melt Pendant Gold Tom Dixon

melt pendant lamp

Melt Gold Pendant Light is rich in elegance and an embodiment of low-key luxury. It can be paired with simple light-toned decorations, such as wooden furnishings. It is perfect for European indoor decorations since they prefer a concise unified style. The irregular pendant light with filamentation plays a role in decorating the whole space, which will not discord and brightens up the open field.

Melt Copper Pendant Light


The fiery Melt LED Pendant Copper is a symbol of energy and enthusiasm,which is like a shining sun that illuminates the whole space. No other ornament can hide its flame. It looks like the main character on the stage, showing an exquisite art.If you like bright decorations, Tom Dixon Melt Pendant Copper is the best choice. When it is turned on, it creates a vivid picture of lava gushing out of magma. It is so interesting and charming that not only fills you with awe of nature, but also arouse the yearning for life.

Tom Dixon Melt Pendant Smoke

Melt pendant lamp

The novel cold hues-smoky grey adds a futuristic sense to the Melt Lamp SmokeThe appearanc under the illumination of light produces a mysterious scene of outer space. It is not a single color, but a color system full of similar colors, which makes you elusive. And the dark surface can form a specular reflection, adding a unique embellishment to Melt Pendant Light Smoke een unieke versiering krijgt.

Tom Dixon Melt Pendant Chrome

Melt pendant lamp

Chrome stands for metal and was rarely used in the fashion world previously, such as clothing and bags. It often appears in accessories. This simple color can easily collocate with other colors. However,in recent years, the laser bag has amazed people, making them appreciate the charm of chrome color finally.No matter when it is, its charm will not change. Melt Mini Pendant Chrome During the day, the natural light gives it a unique luster. While at night, with warm light, it matches the yellow color, which looks like a fossil with gold, containing a natural beauty.

Tom Dixon Melt Pendant Sale

Not everyone has a chance to witness the melting lava and glaciers, so this lamp is highly recommended for you since you can view this amazing natural beauty even when you're at home.

Melt pendant lamp
Melt Hanglamp
Melt pendant lamp
Melt Hanglamp

Melt Table Lamp Tom Dixom

Melting floor and table lamp
Melt Tafellamp

Tom Dixon Melt Table Lamp Replica has a simple form which is composed by a cylindric body and an irregular spherical lampshade. It looks like a crystal ball with magic, showing the dynamic change of burning.It comes in two sizes and can be placed anywhere to be a wonderful adornment. You can enjoy this beauty in the bedroom or make it attract guests in the living room.It is available in three colors, gold, silver and red. There are two types of switching. One is on the lamp body, and the other is on the wire.

Melt pendant lamp

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